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Lola is our pure lamleh lady. She looks different, moves (jumps) differently and reacts different by than Pina and Arki. She really has personality of her own, and also her own life-philosophy. While she is quite co-operative with me she will not listen to my husband. She likes to play with Arki, but she will not play with non-known dogs and also won't allow Arki to play with them. She is also our agility competitor.
She is foundation bitch in our kennel. In her first litter she gave a birth to five healthy, typical all lamleh TTs.

Rombon Lho-La Lamleh
Born: 2. 8. 1996
Color: black & white
Basic data: size 39.5 cm, weight 9 kg, reverse scissors bite
Breeder: Primoz Peer
Owner: Jasna Zdovc



A-Mas Wan Mi-Zad-Pa

A-Mas Rigs-Pa Pha-Lam A-Lo
INT, S Ch A-Mas Ti-Tsha Sofi of Dge-Ltas
S Ch A-Mas Tha-Gi Indra Ni-La USA Ch Kalai's Rare Edition
A-Mas Tsu-Ta Khyi-Mo Of Acok
Dge-Ltas Cog-Cog Pa Rombon Ch Malishar's Si-Mo La Dscho Utra R.O.M. Ch Malishar's Shang zu Dalghani R.O.M.
Ch Malishar's Jambhala Tsan-Te R.O.M.
Rje-Bo's Wild & Wonderful Rje-Bo's Autumn Blizzard
Ch Dge-Ltas Mischief Maker

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