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Pina was the smallest TT lady; I've ever seen. She was my first TT and mother of famous A litter. She was completely aware of her importance, so she really does just things she liked. While her son Arki lives with us, she went to my mother and here she obtained a position she was born for: being the one and only dog in the household. Unfortunately she spend just one year with my mother, while she was brutally killed by German Shepherd Dog, during taking a walk and being on a leash. I'll never forget her.

Pingsha Tibaraki
Born: 16.12.1993
Died: 13. 2. 2000
Color: black & white
Basic data: size 34,5 cm, weight 6,5 kg, scissors bite
Breeder: Mira Bizjan
Owners: Mojca Pocajt & Jasna Zdovc


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